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Moneta + Wren Lovechild

Recently, I was raiding my closet looking for shoes for an upcoming photoshoot. From the deepest depths of my closet, I pulled out a pair of red suede platform shoes. These 7″ high beauties used to be my favorite shoes. They were pure magic, transforming any boring old outfit into something spectacular. I used to do some serious dancing and walking and late night burrito eating in these beauties. But my taste and life have changed.


Now I live in button up shirts and pink lipstick. Gone are the days of mini skirts, peter pan collars, and platform shoes. Frankly, it made me a little sad that practicality has pushed aside a lot of the fun in my wardrobe.

So in an effort to wear less grey, the Wroneta dress (or maybe Monen dress? or Wreneta?) was born. This dress is the love child of Moneta and Wren, combining Moneta’s sleek fitted bodice with the fitted skirt of Wren. With the addition of the rolled collar from the Moneta Extras pack, this dress is very Joan Holloway. Just add a pen necklace and hairspray.



So here is how I did it…

This dress was a breeze to sew. From cut to finish it took me a total of 2 (fairly leisurely) hours.

What you’ll need:

  • Moneta dress pattern (pieces A, B, and I)
  • Free Moneta Extras, I used the roll collar, but you can mix it up! The tie collar would be so darling.

  • Wren dress pattern (pieces D, E, F, and G)

  • 2 1/2- 3 yards of a thicker knit like ponte or double knit. Here is one similar to what I used.

How to make your own:

  1. Assemble the bodice according to the Moneta instructions, following through step 2 of the section titled Hem Sleeves.

  2. Assemble the collar and attach according to the Moneta Extras instructions.
    TIP: don’t forget to clip, trim, and understitch! This will keep your collar looking neat and professional.

  3. Assemble the Wren skirt following pattern instructions.

  4. Sew the Moneta bodice to Wren skirt using a 3/8″ seam allowance. Be sure to use a stitch with plenty of stretch!

  5. To provide further stability to the waistband, use a zigzag stitch to attach 1/4″ elastic to the waist seam allowance. This will keep the waist seam from stretching with wear in knits with less recovery.

This dress is just the motivation I needed to start infusing some fun into my wardrobe again. I plan on making another sans collar in blue. Though it will be tempting to make another in a shade of crimson, I forgot how much I love the color red!

Has your style changed significantly over the years? Do you ever revisit old favorites?

Haley Glenn

Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.


The nerdy seamstress

February 11, 2016 #

Haley! You look hot!


February 11, 2016 #

OMG – LOVE!!! I was just thinking yesterday about doing something similar. Colette can add mind-reading to its mission. :D


February 11, 2016 #

I would love to see your version! I will definitely be making this franken-dress again.


February 11, 2016 #

Adorable! I want to try this!


February 11, 2016 #

Gorgeous! I love the colour and the collar really sets it off.

Christine Haynes

February 11, 2016 #

Whenever I see Haley on any of the Colette outlets, all my professionalism goes totally out the window, because all I want to do is yell “OMG!” and “I miss you!!!” and “look at that hottie!!!” xoxo


February 11, 2016 #

Thanks lady! I knew you would like this little number ;)


February 11, 2016 #

This dress is really beautiful, and beautiful on you. I used to wear (both made and RTW) classic shirts, even as a teen. I find they aren’t as flattering or comfortable as they once were. Ditto any bottom with a waistband. Now I look for pieces with a similar feel (though I am still not into dresses) but less tailored, or no defined waistband, etc., so I have adjusted rather than radically changed looks. It took me a long time to figure out this is what I feel comfortable in and also feel I look best in. Also, with the explosion in knits available for purchase, patterns for knits, and less pricey regular sewing machines that can really handle them, focusing on making all layers is actually not only possible but a real joy.


February 11, 2016 #

When I saw the photo in the preview page, I said, out loud, ‘Hot Damn’! Stunning model in an awesome mash up! I might have to try this next :)


February 11, 2016 #

I love this!! I’ve been meaning to make a wiggle dress but in a knit it will be so much better!


February 11, 2016 #

That is such a lovely color and shape! I made a “Mo-mabel” a while back which is sort of the same concept as this! I made it as a wearable muslin just to see if it would work (which it totally did!) but haven’t gotten back to making another one. Love frankenpatterns!


February 11, 2016 #



February 11, 2016 #

DAYUM! amazing!!

also, i think you need to figure out how to reincorporate those shoes into your life. xo

My Handmade Space

February 11, 2016 #

Nicely done! And the color is great!


February 11, 2016 #

I LOVE this! Both Wren and Moneta are adorable, but this mashup is perfection.


February 11, 2016 #

I love it! All of the creative hacks and frankenpatternings/pattern pairings have been great. Is the world ready for a Colette/Seamwork capsule challenge?

Also, I love the shoes/anecdote at the start of the post. While I’ve never worn 7″ heels (my poor knees can’t take that kind of abuse, platform or no), I can certainly relate to shifting wardrobes. I occasionally miss the days when I had exactly one pair of (holey) jeans and went by the dressing philosophy: color + color + color~ There’s something about layering up for so much of the year that seems to put a damper on that, at least for me. But who knows? Maybe I’ll hit my persimmon + mustard + teal sweet spot again sometime soon :-).


February 11, 2016 #

Wow! What a great franken dress and you look fabulous in it! Very flattering, form-fitting silhouette without being too tight. Love the collar and color, and yes, I need to try this one out! Two hours?!


February 12, 2016 #



February 12, 2016 #

I will definitely try this! I love wiggle dresses, but am also afraid to sew something that formfitting in a woven. This is perfection!


February 12, 2016 #

Amazing Haley! This dress is so perfect!


February 12, 2016 #

Wreneta is the definitely the right mash-up name. It sounds as lovely as that dress looks.


February 12, 2016 #

This dress is darling! I would love to sew more with knits. But do I need a serger?


February 12, 2016 #

Haley, this dress is just so gorgeous :-)


February 12, 2016 #

And red loves you back! Love this dress… I can see this on my to sew list!

Gretchen Potts

February 13, 2016 #

You rock this! I would go all red with the shoes too. And wear the whole shebang to work one day! Why not? Rock it into the coffee shop on the corner for a mid-morning break. Definitely eat lunch out that day too. Turn those heads!


February 15, 2016 #

Gorgeous! Will have to try this, I love the Moneta bodice but gathered skirts do nothing for my shape!! Straight skirts are way better and this looks brilliant!


February 15, 2016 #

I love pattern Frankensteins! And this one is ultra-successful.
And you look beautiful in it, Haley! Yay for awesome dresses.
I might have to get the moneta pattern, just so I can try this!!

Gretchen Potts

February 18, 2016 #

I loved your dress so much, I went out into the garage and made one as well! I used stretch vegan leather! You were a wonderful inspiration. Thanks