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Coming Soon! The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits: Professional techniques for beautiful everyday garments


As you all know, over the last year or so I’ve been thinking a lot about creating a functional, beautiful wardrobe. I want to make things I both love, and will wear the heck out of.

So I started examining the clothes I actually wear all the time. And what did I find in my wardrobe?


Knits knits knits everywhere.


There are the leggings and t-shirts and workout wear, of course. And the underwear and bras and loungewear. And the sweaters and cardigans.

But there are also the dresses I reach for day after day, because they make me feel put together while not thinking about my clothes at all. There are knit skirts I pull on when I don’t feel like tugging at a waistband constantly. There are soft drapey tops whose comfort is belied by how darn pretty they are.

And that’s when I realized, it’s time to dive into this whole knits thing.

So I turned to my friend Alyson Clair. Alyson has her own knitwear label, but also has 8 years of experience as a patternmaker and technical designer working for large companies in the activewear industry. The lady knows her way around a serger. She also knows the difference between what’s done in factories and what we can do on a smaller scale in our homes and small studios. It turns out, the differences are not as great as you might think.

I asked Alyson if she’d like to write a book for us all about sewing knits. She’d write everything she knows, and we’d put it together in our own clear and beautiful Colette style and publish it for you as both an ebook and a physical book. She agreed.

It also made complete sense to work on some knit patterns together, so you could take all that sewing knowledge and use it. So Alyson also helped us create two patterns for gorgeous knit basics that we’ll be releasing at the same time.

(If you were wondering what we were doing in Palm Springs recently, we were shooting these lovely new patterns. Plus floating around in a pool on a swan. As one does. Note Alyson’s sewing tattoos.)


This book is for you if:

  • You are itching to try something new with your sewing.
  • You’ve always wanted to sew more wearable basics, but are intimidated by knit techniques.
  • Comfort is important to you in choosing what you wear.
  • You love making clothes that are fast, fun, and easy.
  • You like to spend your time sewing, not fitting, finishing, and pressing.
  • You want to learn how to sew knits without a serger or a coverstitch (or before you decide to invest in one).
  • You have a serger (or coverstitch) and want to learn how to do more with it.


You’re going to learn:

  • How to seam and finish knit garments, no matter what kind of equipment you have.
  • How sergers and coverstitch machines work, so if you have one, you can use it in a professional way. And if you don’t, you’ll learn what’s worth investing in as you grow.
  • Industry techniques from someone who has spent years on the factory floor (and how to adapt them for home use).
  • How to shop for knit fabric and what to look for.
  • Basic fitting and quick-fit techniques that work well for knit patterns.
  • A variety of methods for finishing edges, like necklines, armholes, and hems. You’ll learn techniques you can swap out on almost any knit pattern!
  • Fun embellishments that work particularly well with knits, such as using stretch lace, decorative elastic, and more.



Knits are easy-peasy

I have learned so much in the course of working on this book with Alyson.

But above everything else, the main thing I’ve come to realize is how doable it is to create a highly functional, comfortable, and lovely wardrobe once you start sewing with knits. They are so fast and fun and once the book and patterns come out, I can’t wait to share all the knits I’ve been sewing up!


The what and when

We’ve created a gorgeous book that will be available either as a lovely full-color paperback or instantly downloadable ebook.

We’ll also be releasing two brand new patterns designed with Alyson Clair just for knits. Think lovely, versatile, feminine basics.

All of this is coming to you next month, on April 15th. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing excerpts, the cover, and some behind the scenes stories in the coming weeks as we get closer.

I’ll also have one more thrilling announcement about the patterns next week. There’s one more thing that makes them pretty special.

Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.



March 7, 2014 #

I can’t wait … A Colette book about sewing with knits … Patterns … Wonderful ideas!!!!!

Alice Elliot

March 7, 2014 #

Wow! Look at all the comments! Looks like it’ll be a winner! I’ve been sewing knits for years, but I am ready for some useful tips on finishing and all those factory techniques! Woo Hoo!


March 7, 2014 #

I can’t wait. I love knits but have never had the confidence to try sewing them. Count me in!


March 7, 2014 #

I can’t wait. Looking forward to start sewing with knit fabric


March 8, 2014 #

Please tell me the patterns will be accessible to those of us that are plus size. My hope is you will address us, as we too desperately want to look fashionable, feminine, and treated with the same care and concern for fit as non plus sized women. Life comes in all shapes and sizes for many reasons. Waiting with baited breath for you dear response.


March 9, 2014 #

This is wonderful news! I’m so excited to have the quality of Colette in knits. I’ve been eating for this for a long time. Thank you!

elizabeth rehmer

March 10, 2014 #

yippee!! i am so excited about this launch! I have a serger and I actually like working with knits. I think they are very forgiving, and less intimidating than some fabrics. I can’t wait for this.


March 10, 2014 #

Woot! Doing the happy dance.


March 10, 2014 #

Just the same as many of the above – your timing is great! I have started playing with some knits this summer and have started to look at overlockers – but will hold off until the book is released — and some new patterns – perfect!

Sewing Princess

March 11, 2014 #

congratulations! this is great!


March 11, 2014 #

Can i pre order/wishlist on amazon?


March 11, 2014 #

This is so timely. I have been look g at knit patterns and have lovely fabric but have’t made anything in one for 20+ years as knits are scary.


March 11, 2014 #

When you say “no matter what equipment you have” I don’t think you’re including anything that can’t do a zig zag by swinging the needle from side to side. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have found that you *can* sew knits with a straight stitch machine and a zig zag attachment (for example, I’m using a Singer 201k-1 and a Singer Automatic Zig-Zagger), but you have to starch the hell out of them first or the side to side motion causes the fabric to distort. It’s less of a problem with heavier knits. On the plus side, the machine never eats the fabric and it’s a lot cheaper to get an old machine that does a beautiful stitch than it is to buy a decent modern machine (if you’re among those who believe that good machines are still being manufactured).

Rin (@SewinLove)

March 17, 2014 #

I’ve just started sewing with knits, because I’ve been so scared before! This book sounds exactly like what I need to finally get over my fear.


April 2, 2014 #

So excited to see this book! I’m new to sewing, especially clothing, and have been wanting to expand my skills by venturing on to knits. Perfect timing!

Claire (aka Seemane)

April 8, 2014 #

Ahhh man :-( ! I keep trying to sign-up my email address for the FREE chapter – and I get to the next webpage that says…

“Thanks! Almost finished… We just need to verify your email address. To confirm your subscription, please click the link in the email we just sent you.”

… but I never get the email from you guys *sadface* (I tried originally a day or so ago, and today’s the last day now to sign up for it).

Claire (aka Seemane)

April 8, 2014 #

LOL! It just came through – my bad! :-)


April 13, 2014 #

I’so excited-I can’t wait to get my hands on your book!I love sewing with knits.
Thank you !!!!

May 23, 2014 #

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June 6, 2014 #

Ya, I have your knit book which has been a great buy. I have just bought a Coverstitch and a new overlocker so would be keen on this book when it comes out.Will you be having a pre order on this book?