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A Peek into Taylor’s sewing planner

Tactile items and products have always been a big deal in my life. It’s probably the graphic designer in me, but I love being able to handle something with texture and substance, all while still looking appealing. Making hand-written lists is so much more effective for me than making lists in a program on the computer. It feels more real when I get to physically cross out a task rather than using the delete key.

The Colette Sewing Planner is seriously so much fun to work with. Since I’m newer to sewing garments in the last year or so, it is really cool to be able to organize and prioritize projects for my sewing queue. There is this extra level of care and genuine thought that I didn’t really put the time into when previously planning my projects.

Gone are the days where I have random notes in places I’ll never remember, and spending too much time on my phone in the fabric cutting line to figure out how much I need for a project (can you tell I don’t plan very well?). I can have everything in one place now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written on here before about how I LOVE patterns on fabrics. The quilting cottons are generally the first place I go when I’m fabric shopping because I love to look at all the fun prints. Although…just because I like them in theory doesn’t mean I actually like to wear them in reality. As you see here, this is my mood board:


I tried really hard to realistically think about what my style is when picking these images, not who I want to aspire to be. I realized that a lot of the images I gathered don’t really have a TON of pattern, they mostly have a subtle pattern and really bold colors incorporated. An example of how the sewing planner kept me focused is this past weekend, it saved me from buying fabric that I loved in the moment, but I knew I wouldn’t end up liking as a garment for myself.

Referencing the “My Style” Section is really helpful as well. It keeps me very focused on what I need to concentrate on and it’s a great reminder to work on the projects I have already planned for.



The planner has also helped me plan specific details. I’ve been slowly working on a rain cape for riding my bike in the rain.


Sewaholic’s Cypress Cape is in my queue, but something I was worried about is how much volume there would be. I love a loose-fitting silhouette, but sometimes too much ease can really weigh a sister down. So I used the croquis in the back to try to better imagine what it make look like on me in real life.

Here are two more project pages that I’m currently working on. I like to put reference images and notes to myself to keep myself focused to get the results I really want.



It’s what I need. I’m a visual and tactile person. I get so much more done when it’s right in front of me, rather somewhere in computer space.

What about you? Are you someone who needs to physically make a plan by writing it down, or do you have other ways of planning that work better for you?

Take a peek into my Colette Sewing Planner below:

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Want to grab your own planner?


Taylor Pruitt

Taylor is an enthusiastic maker. As the graphic designer at Colette she infuses her creativity into all of our projects from print to web.



October 20, 2016 #

I First read about this on my e-mail. my reaction was “what!? there is such a thing as a sewing planner?!” I was thrilled! I’m a planner/agenda person and when I read about a sewing planner I already knew I was going to buy It and I did. I can’t wait to have it in my hands and even post a review on youtube. I know is going to be a great tool! Especially since I have two jobs + my sewing passion…yeah I need manage and organize as much as I can. Thank You for coming up with this wonderful idea!


October 21, 2016 #

Ahh, I’m so excited! I’ve pre-ordered mine through


October 21, 2016 #

Oh, I would just love this planner! The only thing is that shipping to Austria is just soo expensive (as much as the planner itself). Is there any other possibility? Would really love to work with this and introduce it to my sewing course participants! :-)


October 21, 2016 #

Thank you for this “peek”! I’m excited too – mine is on the way from you. Now I know what some of those old magazines are going to be useful for :) I love the idea of colour planning and swatches taped in too. oh boy! I can see what a great organizational tool this will be. I was keen reading how you were saved from buying fabric this weekend b/c it wouldn’t fit into your plan. This stashing business can REALLY get out of hand so easily and quickly. I hear about so many people trimming down their stash by donated it, giving it away or even just throwing it away because they no longer like it for whatever reason and this planner will undoubtedly lead to a lot of stash donations :)


October 21, 2016 #

I think this is the cat’s meow. In Canadian funds it’ll be expensive but worth it. It’s on my Xmas wish list :-)


October 23, 2016 #

This is way out of my budget. But I love the idea and I’m going to come up with my own, using my notes from Wardrobe Architect. I’m going to use some of the realistic tracings from for croquis.