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New Pattern Coming Next Tuesday (or sooner?)




Just a few images from the set of our last photo shoot. Don’t those piles of books make you want to cozy up and get ready for Fall?

The pattern will be unveiled at 10am PST Tuesday!

Rachel Rasmussen

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.



September 13, 2013 #

The Parisian girl says Yeahhhhhhh !
Have a nice week-end everyone and keep voting ;-)


September 13, 2013 #

Another Parisian girl says something similar ;-)


September 13, 2013 #

Can’t wait to see the pattern!!!

I am still voting every day. Hope you are catching up ;) Definitely hope you win!!!

KS Gentry

September 13, 2013 #

I have been voting everyday as well.. but have noticed that over the last few days it says I only have 3 votes remaining.. I went in and changed my password thinking that perhaps someone else was getting into my account and still it says the same thing, anyone else having this problem?


September 13, 2013 #

I’ve been voting. But, it’s been hard for me to keep up with when exactly 24 hours is. Your tip in today’s street team email was key! Also, the text at the very bottom of this post should read “now until September 22”, right?! It can’t end today – I would be too disappointed that I could only get in six more votes!


September 13, 2013 #

Good catch, Amy. You’re right, voting is open through September 22, so we’ve still got time to catch up.


September 13, 2013 #

Sunflower??? is that the new pattern???? I cant hardly wait. Put it on an envelope with my address cause definitely I want it!

Alyson Clair

September 13, 2013 #

Hey! I know that chair……Jen’s?

Erin Hill

September 13, 2013 #

I cannot wait for the new patter YAY. ive been voting everyday :)


September 13, 2013 #

That 24 hr thing is annoying. Why can’t it be a calendar day?! I really want your team to win. Not that I’m bagging on scrapbooking and the other company has a cool concept/product. But sewing is a fun-ctional craft that has a true purpose. The sad thing about sewing is there’s not as many of us out there because clothes can be bought for pennies these days.


September 13, 2013 #

Love Colette patterns…can’t wait to see what the new pattern looks like…how about some clues!


September 14, 2013 #

Been voting! I sure hope Colette Patterns wins! (I did have one day that their website would not even give me anything…no button or anything in the voting area. So, I wasn’t able to vote that way. Tried different browsers, etc.) But no other problems. Go, Colette Patterns!


September 16, 2013 #

It makes me sad that we’ve all been voting every day and that scrapbook place is still so far ahead. I guess their things are cute and people like them. But, please please please know that as far as your fans and customers are concerned there is no other American made that comes close to you guys.

I am hoping for a miracle to topple into first place!!!!!


September 16, 2013 #

I am so very excited about the sneak peek tonight!

Nancy W

September 17, 2013 #

OH it’s 11:00 and anxiously awaiting tne new pattern! YEAH!