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Meet: Fischer Clothing

Kristina Angelozzi is not exactly a newcomer to fashion, having worked for The Gap and Hanes for many years. But Kristina decided it was time to break out on her own and launched Fischer, her own sportswear line for men and women. The first gorgeously photographed Fischer collection came out in Spring of 2010, and you can be sure that there will be many more of Kristina’s well-made pieces to come.

Fall 2010

How did you learn sew?

By watching my mom. She was kind of a hippie when I was growing up, and she used to make clothes for my brother and sister and me. I toyed around with her machine enough that I was given a Singer for my 11th birthday. In high school, I started altering my own clothes as well as thrift store finds. It wasn’t until college that I actually began to properly make clothing from patterns.

What led you to choose sewing as a career path?

By nature, I’m pretty easily distracted, and I needed something to keep my hands and mind busy when I was younger. I studied fashion at a small art college in Pennsylvania, and after graduation, I spent a few years making theatrical costumes. After awhile I decided I needed to get a bit more serious and I moved to New York and studied design at Parsons.

How do you think that working for The Gap and Hanes and experiencing the corporate side of things has affected both your design and your own business?

Both companies have a really cool history and are embedded into American fashion culture. Designing for them has given me an appreciation for and understanding of functional, well-designed sportswear. As far as the business goes, I’ve learned all that on my own. There’s just no parallel between designing clothing in a corporate office and designing/manufacturing/producing an entire clothing line from my apartment.

What has been the biggest surprise in launching your own business?

The pace of it. There’s always a deadline to meet and the time just blows by. Designing the clothing is 1% of the work involved in putting out a collection. By the time you ship your orders for one season, you’re already neck-deep in the next.

How would you describe Fischer Clothing to someone hearing about your line for the first time?

Classic, American sportswear with subtle nostalgic and sartorial details. The line is 100% manufactured in the US.

Fall 2010

How is creating menswear different from women’s clothing?

Men- their bodies, and the way they typically dress is very architectural. When I draft a flat pattern it usually works out pretty well. Women’s bodies are much different same goes for their dressing habits. It’s more sculptural- I have to drape almost all of the garments over a dress form.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A lot my inspiration comes from the fabric itself. In the start of a season, I collect swatches and assort them until I begin to feel a story or concept coming together through the color, pattern and texture. From there, I consider what the fabrics are suited for and what trims and details I further flesh out the beginning of a collection.

I heard you were influenced by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (who I love) for your spring line, could you tell me a little more about that and any other specific influences you had this spring?

Yes, while designing and conceiving Spring/Summer 11 I was really getting into the whole Edward Sharpe sound and vibe. He’s created this group and persona that’s almost communal, and 70’s which felt very fresh and new at the time. [Here are] images I collected while researching- you can see there’s Edward Shape and the Magnetic Zeros, a VW van, Stevie Nicks, a lot of outdoors, roughly painted furniture, etc. It’s all very daydream-y and a little offbeat.

Spring 2011 Fischer Mood Board

How did you go about creating a workspace that worked for you and your creative process? What are some aspects of your workspace that are important to you?

Unfortunately my workspace still has much to be desired (mostly lacking in sq footage). That said, it’s important to figure out easy ways to stay organized. Otherwise, when I get really busy, everything just hurricanes into a giant mess of fabric scraps, patterns, sketches, measuring tapes, etc.  I have two corkboards above my sewing machine with all of my swatches and sketches for the season laid out, so I can see how the collection is coming together, and just keep track of where I’m at.

One of Kristina's corkboards

Who are some other designers that you admire?

Claire McCardell, Margaret Howell and Dries Van Noten (among many, many others). All have simple, classic styles that I really admire.

What is your favorite music to listen to in the workroom?

Lately, I’ve been into a Swedish indie-punk-y band called Love is All. Their music has a broad range, which manages stay interesting even after the 100th time I play their record. Also- a lot of ‘How Stuff Works’- which is a podcast of all sorts of interesting topics ranging from how urban planning works to how a cat could scuba dive. The hosts keep even the driest subjects interesting and always inject it with silly factoids and humor.

Spring 2011

What sewing technique would you be lost without?

Hand sewing is my favorite for sure. It is a very controlled, gratifying process. It’s less temperamental and easier to set up than a machine.

Do you have any tips for aspiring designers/seamstresses?

The best way to learn to make clothes is to tear them apart and put them back together. I did that a lot when making costumes and it’s helpful to see what needs interfacing, the order of how things are made, what the seam allowance measures, etc.  It’s essential to have the proper structure and construction methods if you want to make beautiful clothing.

Fall 2011

There is a webstore in the works, but for now you can see pictures and learn more at Fischer Clothing.

Kirsten Harris



March 4, 2011 #

The photos for the Fall 2011 collection went up so recently I only got one in, but you can see the rest here:

I think it may be favorite so yet!

the clothing menu

March 5, 2011 #

I love Fischer Clothing. Great interview with Kristina – cool to get a “behind-the-scenes” look into how she got started and starts her new collections.


March 13, 2011 #

I am so excited to see Kristy on here! She is such a doll, we worked together for several years in NYC and I’ve watched her career take off and I am so proud of her!!!