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Meet: Dace

Dace is a brand based out of Vancouver B.C. that Dace Moore started back in 2002. Dace learned to love clothes from a young age when her mom would give her and her sibling each $100 to buy new clothes, and Dace would carefully select high quality pieces. Her clothes have a flow about them, that is showcased in her inspiring editorial photos (I personally aspire to look like the girl on the scooter) that are featured on her website.

Dace and Trout

How did you first learn to sew?

I first learned to sew after I had my daughter. I was at home a lot. So I taught myself to sew.

What made you choose sewing out of all the things you could have done at home?

My mother and grandmother were sewers as well. They used to make me clothes when I was smaller. So maybe it was something that was instilled in me when I was a little girl.

Fall 2010

How did you get started turning your sewing into a business?

When I started sewing, I would take vintage patterns that I would purchase from thrift stores and manipulate them my own liking. Eventually, I started consigning the pieces that I designed. And they would sell out.  And I guess the rest is history.

Spring 2010

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I guess I find inspirations for my designs from the fabrics that I work with.

How did you go about creating a workspace that worked for you and your creative process? What are some aspects of your workspace that are important to you?

I have a big workspace. A large cutting table, three sewing machines, racks for my bolts of fabrics. But the most important thing to me are the windows that surround my space. I need a lot of natural light when I work. So the windows are a must.

Spring 2009

Do you have any tips for aspiring designers/seamstresses?

I guess I would say my tip would be to have a lot of patience.

What do you think is the most important element for creating great fit in your clothes?

Choosing fabrics that hang nice on your body. There’s something for everyone, but everyone is different.

Fall 2009

Who are some other designers that you admire?

My absolute favourite designer is LOVER.

What is your favorite sewing tool and why?

My favorite sewing tool in this little antique magnet watch that I can use to put my pins on.

Do you have a favorite song or band to listen to when you sew?

As I am sewing right now, I’m listening to the oldies station!

You can see more of Dace at, including the rest of these gorgeous pictures and the great sale they have going on right now!

Kirsten Harris



February 11, 2011 #

And the photos from her Spring collections just went up on her website!


February 11, 2011 #

Wow! Great Interview! I really love this line so it was nice to hear from the designer :) I especially love what she said about windows being crucial to her workspace, I would have to agree :)

xo, B


February 13, 2011 #

I love Dace too! Their Spring 2010 video is one of my favourites, even though it’s more than a year old, I find so much inspiration watching it.
I didn’t know anything about the designer though. It’s awesome that she actually sews for herself. Thanks for your interview!