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Join the Moneta Party!

There are many things about sewing that spark feelings of joy, like the satisfaction of making something with your own two hands, the power of self-expression, and the comfort of a daily creative ritual. Above all of that, there is an even bigger joy—the sewing community.

The online sewing community, especially on Instagram, makes it easy to join a worldwide network of other creative minds. It’s a great place to find new sewing friends, and that is why we’re so excited about the Moneta Party.

Didn’t get your invitation to the party yet? Read on!

What’s The Moneta Party?

In 2015, Elle—from Sew Positivity—led the #internationalannaparty, and dozens of creative women sewed By Hand London’s Anna Dress for an Instagram sewing party. Everyone who joined the party made incredible dresses, and fellow partygoers voted for their favorites.

This year, Elle is teaming up with Rachel and Abigail—collectively The Triple Stitchers. They are hosting the party, and we’re all sewing Moneta.

The Triple Stitchers have each sewn a bunch of different versions of Moneta—for the holidays, for work, and even for Abigail’s PhD graduation!

The Moneta Party starts on February 24th. You have until then to sew your own version of Moneta. Starting on the 24th, tag it on Instagram (#monetaparty) for a chance to win.

To kick things off, head over here to learn how to win other prizes, like a custom-printed Moneta dress from Sprout Patterns.

Win a custom-designed Moneta project from Sprout Patterns!

Special discounts will roll out over the next few weeks, so be sure to follow the party on Instagram.

How to Join the Party

  1. Head over to Sew Positivity to read all the rules.
  2. Get ready to sew your own version of Moneta.

  3. On February 24th, tag your finished dress on Instagram (#monetaparty) for a chance to win. You have from February 24th to the 26th to tag your project.

At the end of the party, the sponsors will narrow down the finalists, and you get to vote for the winners.

We can’t wait to see your Monetas!

A note about Moneta:

Based on your feedback, we also made a small improvement to the curve of the armscye for the next printing of Moneta. This improvement will help you accurately match the seam allowances at the underarm. It is intended to improve the garment construction process, but does not affect the overall fit. The digital version of the pattern is updated. If you already own a copy of Moneta and you’d like to download the new bodice, click here.

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January 13, 2017 #

This sounds fun! I’m in!


January 14, 2017 #

So looking forward to this! It coincides with The Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up so I’m hoping a few of the Spoolettes will be wearing their Monetas! I know I will be! ?


January 14, 2017 #

Just getting back into sewing and I have never sewn knits before. Hoping to build my skills so I can do this dress- so versatile!

SJ Kurtz

January 14, 2017 #

My favorite Moneta is always going to be Closet Case Patterns twin Monetas for Halloween, from the Shining. Proves it an easy and versatile pattern for everyone.


January 14, 2017 #

OMG, that was the BEST! Heather took the cake, as usual.


January 14, 2017 #

Oh man I am so excited! Just made my first Moneta, and considering making another for this!!

Laura from SC

January 17, 2017 #

I thought I read somewhere that there were some other collar choices for Moneta. I am having trouble finding them. I am excited to do this. I have not sewn in years, I bought a new machine, I have not downloaded patterns, I have not bought fabric on line. That is a lot of new stuff for me!


January 18, 2017 #

Hi Laura! You can find the Moneta bonus collars here. There are some fun collars and neckline variations to play with and best of all, they are free. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Laura from SC

January 19, 2017 #

Thanks so much. The collar I choose will depend on the fabric I choose. I tried to shop locally. The fabric stores I have available seem to be filled with woven fabric and fleece. I don’t know why they are not catering to the knitted fabric shoppers because there are so many patterns in their stores with knit fabric requirements. So I will be shopping on line. I am so excited to make Moneta.


January 18, 2017 #

Sounds fun! I’ll make my 3rd one for this!

I know some people have had trouble with the elastic on the waistline. I’ve been able to get it, but I find the clear elastic pretty itchy on what otherwise would be a really comfy dress. Does anyone else have that problem? Or know what would happen if I just basted and gathered before attaching and skipped the elastic part?