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Join our street team and help us win!


I had a bright idea.

We really want to win this contest so we can give the $10,000 prize to our staff. And we need your help to do that.

So let’s start a street team to make this happen.

I figure, there’s no way each of us will remember to vote every day without a reminder of some kind. So let’s band together, get reminders and watch the progress.

When you join the street team, we’ll send out a short email every day until September 13 with news and updates on how we’re doing, and a quick reminder to get your votes in for the day. Each street team email will also include a quick sewing tip (our top 20 from Snippets), along with fun behind the scenes looks and other cool stuff.

And at the end of the contest, whether we win or not, we will profusely and publicly thank each street team member for their love and support.

The Street Team mailing list has been closed. Thanks to everyone for your your support!

Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.



August 26, 2013 #

You’re so wonderful, I mean every one of you! I’m so glad and proud to give you my vote: you have my six for today, waiting for the reminders for the next days!



August 26, 2013 #

Thanks ClaraBelle… from all of us!


August 26, 2013 #

I love your patterns and book, you have my votes for today and I just signed up for the daily reminders.


August 26, 2013 #

I’ll be voting daily, good luck to you all.

Mary Escott

August 26, 2013 #

Thank you for gorgeous patterns and such amazingly easy instructions to follow.


August 26, 2013 #

I love your daily snippets (and your patterns!). I’ll definitely be voting for you.


August 27, 2013 #

you’ve got my votes, all six of them! good luck!


August 27, 2013 #

Yep !!! I voted and I’ll vote every day :)


August 27, 2013 #

Voted – I’ll vote again when you remind me :)


August 27, 2013 #

I voted for you, but not because you asked. I voted because you have given me some of my favorite clothes in my closet ever. I have gotten other people hooked on your patterns. Why? Because they are the best. Thanks for all you guys do! I think its awesome that you would want to give the money to your staff.


August 27, 2013 #

Thanks El. :)


August 27, 2013 #

Registered, voted my 6 times, and will be voting daily until you absolutely amazing people win! Oh and I mentioned it on my blog, too (I’m new to public blogging, so I’m not that popular as of yet, but a woman can dream, right?? *lol*)
Good luck to you all – and I hope you realise how hard it is to type with my fingers crossed for you *rotfl*


September 3, 2013 #

Haha, thank you Mugsy, that was a really sweet comment.

Laura Huston

August 27, 2013 #

Congratulations for being nominated. You and your team epitomize what it means to live the American dream. You have had setbacks and struggles but still keep trying and pushing to do better. The result of that is that you have inspired thousands of people to keep trying to sew, even when they thought maybe they should give it up or set it aside. That is why I will vote….keep voting, and rally everyone I know to do the same.
The best of luck!


September 3, 2013 #

Thank you so much for you support, Laura, it means everything to us!


August 27, 2013 #

Congratulations on being a nominee! So exciting! I voted for you six times today and I’ll certainly cast more votes in the coming weeks. So great to have an indie pattern maker in the mix! Good luck!


August 28, 2013 #

Done! I’m really inspired by your care and respect for your employees.

I also wanted to say that I LOVED this week’s Snippets. It made me realize that I actually have been avoiding starting projects because I dislike tracing so much. Thanks for opening my eyes to my silliness!


September 3, 2013 #

From France : Thank you so much for the tips and great sharing!Each visit to you site is such an inspiration!!


September 9, 2013 #

Voting for you, all the way!!!!!


September 17, 2013 #

Life’s been overwhelming, so I’m late to the party, but I’ll be voting from now until the deadline. Best wishes for a win!