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A visit to Oliver + S

pin cushion

While I was in New York, I had the opportunity to visit the Oliver + S studio in Brooklyn. Liesl was kind enough to contact me a while back and since I mentioned I’d be visiting NY soon, invited me over so we could meet.

If you’re not already familiar with Oliver + S, you ought to be, but especially if you have any wee ones in your life. Liesl designs some outstanding children’s patterns, which you can judge for yourself from the designs. They are completely adorable but still so fresh and modern. And needless to say, people love them. Sew Mama Sew even named them the best pattern company of the decade. How’s that for high marks?

Their studio really reflects the lovely, cheerful style of the patterns. In a bright little loft with tons of natural light, we had tea and talked business while I admired the shelves of carefully organized fabric, wonderful sample garments hanging on the brick walls, and the patterned birds on branches suspended above the desk.

Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.



March 18, 2010 #

It was great to meet you, Sarai. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip.


March 18, 2010 #

I love all the colored pencils and buttons in jars on top of the old card catalogue! And I wish I had little ones to sew Oliver+s clothing for! Thanks Sarai for the inside look.


March 18, 2010 #

annnnd? i’m so curious! did you geek out together? ooh and ahh at each other’s work? decide to collaborate? take up fisticuffs over whose patterns are the most modern yet classic? do tell!


March 20, 2010 #

Ha! We mostly just talked shop, which was really really nice since there aren’t many people I can do that with! It might be pretty dry to anyone else (software, printing services, inventory control, etc), but it was wonderful for me. :)


March 18, 2010 #

yep, I’m so going to make some of those darling dresses when I have an anklebitter of my own. I am insanely jealous of their card catalog. I bet it is full of amazing notions.


March 18, 2010 #

Lucky you!
My favourite pattern cie for kids definitly is Oliver + S…
Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of the studio.


March 18, 2010 #

Ohhh! Those cute little dresses in the fourth photo – which pattern is that? I don’t remember seeing it before.


March 18, 2010 #

I’m stitching up an Oliver + S pattern right now for my baby girl. It’s my first time using their patterns. I’m so excited!!! Just the pile of cut out pieces is adorable.


March 19, 2010 #

I heart Oliver + S! I almost have every pattern. Great instructions, modern design, and perfect for my little one. I am so happy they are making large sizes.


March 20, 2010 #

They are the BEST (for kids’ clothes)! They have awesome support on their forums and think of the GREATEST designs! I just can’t gush enough! You guys should collaborate and make a pattern for the big kids (me!). I would just love to hear more about your visit!