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Featured Seamstress: Lavender

Name: Lavender

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Sorbetto

Blog: threadsquare

Her post about the pattern: Sunshine-sewn Sorbetto

What kind of fabric did you use? I used a quilter’s cotton for both the main fabric and bias binding. Both were found on a whim in my mom’s sewing room, and I thought they’d make a good pair. I’d already laundered the fabric when I noticed the discoloration, but my heart was set. It’s one of those textiles she’s had forever, and I’ve probably kept in the back of my mind for years! I knew I’d be spending July 4th with my parents, and thought it would be fun for my mom and I to spend some time together sewing. We’re a chatty lot, so the project also needed to be straightforward and simple.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? I love an aqua/red combo, and also wanted to play with mixing prints. It’s kind of quirky and lighthearted, which I love.

What thoughts do you have about the project? You know, I didn’t really think the Sorbetto was for me when I first started seeing them pop up everywhere. I love vintage-inspired patterns and garments (Hello! I love Colette Patterns!), yet find more fitted items tend to flatter my curvy figure. But I thought I’d give it a shot, and was originally going to steal Lizz’s inverted box pleat idea. That got scrapped for this round. But I’ve worn this top loads already, so pin tucks, inverted pleats, lace… who knows what’s in store next? This is an instant-gratification project to make up, and yet it has loads of potential for personalization and embellishment.

Caitlin Clark

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.



October 3, 2011 #

What a pretty Sorbetto! I love the stripey bias tape :)


October 3, 2011 #

Yay, Lavender! I love the mixed prints in your Sorbetto. You look marvelous!


October 3, 2011 #

I love the back story to the fabric- a nice reminder of another reason making your own clothes is fufilling! The top looks wonderful and the discoloration is a story to share!

Flossie /aka Mummie

October 3, 2011 #

This was a great wekend together in soooooo very many ways. Ball games,slow roasted pork on the grill, gilie sewing,chattie time outside on the patio. Beautiful sunshine filtered through the branches and leaves of our shade tree. Birds flitting about to their feeder nearby. Sharing ideas and sewingroom memories!!!!!! Sew much fun. Mushka and Ryan coming and going adding to mixture of thoughts and barks . Hope another outdoor sewing presents itself next summer….??!! Keep up the great sewing ideas. Love, Mummie


October 3, 2011 #

Aw, shucks…y’all are the best! And yup, that’s my mom, probably meaning to comment on my blog. Hehe!