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A Sprout Laurel + a Pug!!!

Those who know me personally know that I love dogs, but I especially love pugs. I have never let my lack of actually owning a pug stop me from participating in local events for pug lovers such as the annual Pug Parade or the Pugentines Party (for Valentine’s Day). I’ve also been known to make appearances at the Pacific Pug Rescue’s fundraisers and meet and greets.

I have collected many pug items over the years, but I have had a difficult time finding apparel that says something other than “pug life” on it. Sprout is a new service from Spoonflower that allows you to print independent patterns directly onto Spoonflower designs. When I found out that Sprout prints anything I could imagine on a variety of different fabrics, I knew exactly what I wanted! There are thousands of prints to choose from, so the possibilities are endless.


Ordering from Sprout is really easy and fun. For my Laurel I was able to place the pugs exactly where I liked them, but this goes for all prints including stripes and plaids. Sprout carries a large range of fabrics, but recommends certain choices based on which pattern you choose to sew up (which I appreciate since textiles are not my strong suit).

My favorite part about Sprout is that it makes the more tedious part of sewing (marking your fabric) much easier and faster! The fabric comes with the pattern already clearly marked, just pre-wash and cut it out. If your pattern has darts like Laurel, you’ll receive a template to transfer all markings.



If Laurel isn’t the dress for you, don’t fret! There’s several other Colette favorites to choose from including Myrtle and Negroni, as well as others on the way.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the volunteers at Portland based Pacific Pug Rescue (PPR). They are a wonderful 100% volunteer based organization that places rescued pugs in forever homes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Vancouver BC. Unlike many rescues, PPR does not have a shelter and houses all of their pugs with volunteer fosters throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Rachel and Kim, volunteers with PPR, were kind enough to coordinate a visit from current foster Rodgie. Rodgie is a petite senior gal; just 8.5lbs at ten years old. She has some mobility issues but she doesn’t let it stop her from getting around.

Her favorite things are fashion, following her humans around, and snuggling at the end of a long day of being adored. And her tongue? It’s her signature accessory; she likes to keep it out and at the ready to give any adoring fans an appreciative lick. Rodgie is currently in the care of Pacific Pug Rescue, if you are interested in adopting Rodgie or any of their wonderful pugs, check out their website.

Her visit to the Colette office brought huge smiles to our faces, we all fell in love with her immediately (despite what Kenn may tell you). How can you resist such an adorable face?

To find out more about PPR, check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can get 20% off products from the Colette/Sprout shop until February 5th with the code: COLETTELOVE

Do you have an obsession that trickles into your sewing?

Wallis Smith-Owens

Wallis creates the patterns for Colette and Seamwork magazine, which includes working with our lovely fit models.



January 29, 2016 #

Perfect!! If I didn’t already have a houseful of pugs (including one with special needs) I would scoop Rodgie up in a heartbeat!! (Who am I kidding? The real reason, is my husband might kill me if I come home with another one. LOL) She is adorable!
Lovely pug Laurel too Wallis! Good choice!


January 29, 2016 #

I’m currently debating adopting a dog, and I’m trying to hold out for the perfect pug! If my roommate was on board I’d have a house full of pugs too.


January 29, 2016 #

Love your pug Laurel! I made the Laurel last year but wasn’t absolutely thrilled with it – looking at yours I see how nice it looks when it is fitted properly :) I love the material and of course your adorable pug!


January 29, 2016 #

Thanks Kathleen. Laurel is a great pattern once you find the correct size and make any adjustments to it (and having a pug by your side never hurts)!


January 29, 2016 #

Love it!!!


January 30, 2016 #

so cute! Love your pug. Great rescue service too! And off to check out sprout now…what a great idea!


January 30, 2016 #

We are the lucky owners of two pugs as well as, naturally, a lot of pug merchandise! Fabric has always eluded me though as pretty much all of it is just naff – but a pug on giant pink spots? Yes please! And much love to Rodgie and the pug rescue people, I’m sure she won’t be a free agent for long!


January 30, 2016 #

I have two adopted pugs and they’re the sweetest, funniest little dogs! I hope you can get one some day! Absolutely love the dress and love that you’ve featured a pug rescue!


February 5, 2016 #

Which fabric did you use?


February 5, 2016 #

I used the silky faille, I really like that it’s soft and wasn’t too slippery to sew.