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We’re off to Quilt Market!

Today, Kenn and I are flying off to Houston to participate for the first time at Quilt Market! Quilt market is the biggest sewing industry trade show of the year. We’ll get to show off our products and book to lots and lots of independent retailers. Plus, hopefully check out all the new up and coming fabric lines!

On Friday, I’m doing a Schoolhouse presentation all about my book, and I’ll be doing a couple of book signings at the show as well.

We’ll also have our own booth at the show!

For the booth, I wanted to do something that would look great and represent our company, but at the same time wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We have to ship everything in the booth, including furniture and fixtures, so I’m sure you can see how that would add up.

First, Caitlin and I sketched out a design for our booth. We drew it to scale to figure out where furniture would go, and how much room we would have.

I bought some unfinished wood furniture for our display and work tables. These are great because they come disassembled, so it was really easy to pack them into boxes for shipment. I ended up getting this round table with fold-down leaves which we spray painted bright aqua, which will be our display table. I also got a high pub table, which we spray painted coral.

We decided to go with a high table and stools for us to sit at. If you’ve ever done a trade or craft show, you know how awkward it can be when you’re sitting and trying to greet people while eye-level with their waist. But you also don’t want to stand all day. The bar stools let us sit at eye level to customers. I got some inexpensive stools that look like French industrial stools from the 30s.

Next, we mocked the whole thing up in my garage, so we could get an idea of how it would look. Caitlin measured and marked the amount of space we’d have.

Then she put some stuff on her head.

We made these cute little “cake stands” to create some levels on the display table. They’re actually just wood plaques with empty wood spools glued together to form the stem.

Finally, we styled the shelves and table and decided how to arrange things. This isn’t the final arrangement, but it gives you an idea of what we’re doing.

We’ll also have an enormous 8 foot tall banner, and pale minty curtains for the booth walls. We’ll have sample clothing hanging from the sides, from wood hangers. I think it’s going to look awesome, and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of the final set up and all the goings on!

Kenn and I are likely on a plane to Texas while you read this, so please wish us luck!

Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.



October 26, 2011 #

Oh wow, it’s looking great! Please do take photos from the actual event, I’d love to see what your actual, final booth looks like!


October 26, 2011 #

I wish I could just live in your photo-shoot set-ups and displays! So pretty :)


October 26, 2011 #

I am so jealous… Can’t wait to hear your reports from the show and to see photos of your booth!


October 26, 2011 #

Good luck! Your booth looks like it will be amazing! I wish this was open to the public – I’d come by and gush about what a fan I am!


October 26, 2011 #

Wow!! What a fantastic booth! I love the mix of colours and, of course, the vintage feel of it all. Good luck at Quilt Market – knock ’em dead!


October 26, 2011 #

so pretty! totally randumb, but i’m fairly certain that aqua blue is the same color i used to spray paint my bike :) haha

also off-topic, but caitlin’s hair is GORGEOUS.

good luck at the market!! :)


October 26, 2011 #

Houston is just down the road from me…. Enjoy our nice warm weather while you’re down here!


October 26, 2011 #

It looks lovely, even in your garage. The only thing I can see that would make this booth better would be chocolate. :)

Good Luck! And have fun, too.


October 26, 2011 #

Your booth is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the complete setup! I really love that you take the time and effort to show us all the “backstage” information. Makes me feel like a VIP customer!


October 26, 2011 #

I’ll be there, too! Looking forward to meeting you (funny that we have to go to Houston, from Oregon) and I’ll make a point of attending your Schoolhouse presentation.


October 26, 2011 #

Oh, lady…good luck!!!!!


October 26, 2011 #

I always love seeing booth set-ups like these! Can’t wait to see the finished product. :) Best of luck on your trip and at Quilt Market!!!


October 26, 2011 #

Best wishes you guys! the booth looks GREAT


October 26, 2011 #

You’re going to wow them all! Have a great time!


October 26, 2011 #

Good luck! Hope you have fun. Can’t wait to see some pictures.


October 26, 2011 #

I’ll be there reporting for BurdaStyle – can’t wait to come by your booth!


October 26, 2011 #

Oh my gosh, this is going to be so cute! So much prep, but well worth it. :)

Amanda D.

October 26, 2011 #

Looks like fun and I love the set up so far! Would be so fun if you did something on the East Coast one day :) Safe travels!


October 26, 2011 #

Love it! Have fun and good luck. Can’t wait to see the photos of the actual booth.


October 26, 2011 #

You go gals!


October 26, 2011 #

Genius and gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the source of your naked furniture?


October 27, 2011 #

Sure! I got it from this unfinished furniture site.


October 27, 2011 #

Thanks so much!


October 27, 2011 #

The practice booth looks great, and oh-so-Colette! Perfect! Have fun in Houston :)

Tracy McElfresh

November 11, 2011 #

This was awesome, thank you for the pictures and tuturial of the show. I absolutly love everything Collette does from short snippits, sew alongs, sewing info and photo shoots from behind scenes. It’s very inspiring, I’m getting ready to make my 10th Colette garment:)