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Vintage Inspiration

With Adelaide being pattern of the month, it got me thinking more about how this simple and versatile dress could be styled. One of my favorite parts of sewing (and I’m sure a lot of yours, too) is taking inspiration from old and current trends and applying it in a way that I know would work for me and my style. I love Adelaide’s cute snap fasteners down the center front and the easy silhouette that has been utilized in many past decades.

I did some research on snap fasteners, and did you know they came to be a thing in the rodeo in the 1930? The idea was if a cowboy fell off a horse his shirt could quick release if it got stuck in the process.


Anyway, besides the origin of snap fasteners, I collected a few images that I think are some fun inspiration for you all if you end up making Adelaide this month.


I love these floral prints so much. They add a lot of dimension without being too frilly.



Don’t hate me for saying this, but the nineties are technically considered vintage now, and I could not stop looking at cute sundresses inspired from then.

Something I haven’t considered in awhile are turtlenecks. Maybe after summer has passed you could add a turtleneck under your Adelaide to make it more appropriate for fall/winter.

I know I’ve read a few comments that some ladies are talking about making a polka dot version and Gwen Stefani knew (and still knows) what’s up, so she and I think you should do it.


Even though Adelaide is an easy-going sundress, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up with some textured fabric, like velvet or suede/leather.


I know knee/thigh highs aren’t for everyone, but paired with sandals and a contrasting turtleneck, they are such a fun way to spice up an outfit.

You could also add some vintage embellishments like a ruffle detail on the shoulder, or add some ric rac ribbon to the snap fasteners.

I love the essence of these images. There is an effortless, fun attitude that exudes from the garments, and that’s something I always shoot for.

Even though the images above don’t all show exact similarities to Adelaide, I hope they are inspiration for your version. Don’t forget that through the end of the month Adelaide is just $5!

Do you plan on making Adelaide this month? If so, what are your plans?

Taylor Pruitt

Taylor is an enthusiastic maker. As the graphic designer at Colette she infuses her creativity into all of our projects from print to web.


Heather L

May 10, 2016 #

That song is in my head now. ;). (No Doubtt!). Neat inspiration photos too.

Yvette Chilcott

May 11, 2016 #

Great photos, and great memories. The ’90’s are vintage? Oh my……..I really like the Adelaide pattern, even though I shouldn’t do sleeveless. Anyway, I have my pattern pinned to my fabric, and I’m going to post about my progress on my own blog.


May 11, 2016 #

I totally understand your sleeveless thing…I always feel better as the summer goes on, my eyes adjust to all the extra skin out in the world, as well as the nice little glow everyone gets from being outside so much. I’m excited to see your Alelaide creation!

Yvette Chilcott

May 13, 2016 #

I finished mine, and really like it!


May 17, 2016 #

Looks great!


May 17, 2016 #

It looks great! Yay!

Annette Siverson Romanoff

May 11, 2016 #

Yes, I agree, with Yvette Chilcott, The 90’s are vintage?Oh my……!!!!!! Anyway, I also would not go sleeveless, and I do not plan on making this pattern. Well, any time soon, anyway! TFS, Annette


May 11, 2016 #

Haha, at least that’s what I’ve been told! I think the special number to make something “vintage” is 20 years? Maybe once more Adelaides and sleeveless arms come out in the world you’ll be inspired into making it. <3


May 11, 2016 #

I like plain, straight forward, unfussy attire. I wear longer skirts. Who is blogging about that sort of simple style with simple to sew patterns?


May 11, 2016 #

A direct link to the Adelaide pattern would be helpful. I know it’s incredibly lazy of me, but it took me a stupid amount of time to find the pattern in the pattern store.


May 12, 2016 #

Oh man, that is such a good point. Yikes! So sorry. I’m glad you found it. I added a link in there now. Thanks for your comment and I hope you end up making it :).


May 12, 2016 #

Oh I want to make Adelaid but I have too many ideas for this dress and really cannot stop at one, need some time to process, lol and I’m just a beginner in sewing, oh my! how many options!
Thanks for the post)


May 12, 2016 #

I too was a little taken aback to read “90’s is vintage” :) I was born in ’54 so vintage to me is definitely ’70’s :) but as I look at the photos you’ve posted they look ’70’s to me! I love the three prints that you describe as “adding dimension without being too frilly”. I’m always on the lookout for just such a thing in a knit but they are rare!