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Rue and Style Icons

Rue is all we are talking about here at HQ and it’s got a lot of us thinking about our own versions and how we can make them personalized to our style.

As you have seen, Rue and her interesting style lines are inspired by vintage garments we’ve seen in the past. We thought it would be fun to gather images of style icons from the 50s and 60s paired along with fabric options you could choose to make for your own Rue.

To start us off, we have Jackie O. She is obviously the queen of class. While doing research I realized she wore a lot more color than I thought, and that really got me excited! She always had fun with her style, but kept it clean and professional always.


1.) Mini Paisley in Silk/Cotton from The Fabric Store
2.) Yellow 1-inch Gingham
3.) Southern Classic Linen Blend in Black
4.) Les Fleurs Lawn Flamingoes Ivory by Cotton+Steel (note: you may not think Jackie O at first, but I really think the Jackie O today would totally wear a flamingo print dress.)
5.) Libery of London’s Torrington Crepe de Chine from The Fabric Store

Brigette Bardot exudes so much great energy that she just makes you want to dance and smile all day long. I really love how much color she wore. She also knew how to rock a flirty silhouette like no one else.


1.) Les Fleurs Rayon Challis Birch Floral Enamel by Cotton+Steel
2.) Hunter 1 Inch Gingham
3.) Kaufman Chambray Shirting by Rober Kaufman
4.) Black/Blue Floral Silk Crepe de Chine
5.) Red Polka Dots

Grace Kelly is a princess. Literally. Her style was always so luxurious and beautiful. Sewing a Rue up in lace and silk would be on another level gorgeous.


1.) Tiled Flower Cotton Sateen
2.) Kaufman White Shirt Poplin
3.) Liberty of London’s Mayfair Chiffon – Tiers of Light
4.) Teal Blue Crochet Lace
5.) White/Pink Floral Bouquet Lawn

I’m selfishly saving the best (or in other words, my favorite) for last. Elizabeth Taylor’s style is everything I want to be and more. She could rock so many different looks and make it her own, it’s super inspiring!


1.) Leopard Silk Crepe De Chine from The Fabric Store
2.) Red/White Floral Crepe Georgette
3.) Timeless Treasures Stripes Black/White
4.) Hunter Green Sateen
5.) Blue Floral Chiffon

Are you planning on making Rue? If so, what inspiration are you using?

Taylor Pruitt

Taylor is an enthusiastic maker. As the graphic designer at Colette she infuses her creativity into all of our projects from print to web.



September 8, 2016 #

I would absolutely wear a Brigitte Bardot inspired Rue! I will never get over the disappointment of my hair not looking like that. Might have to run to the fabric store to grab some of that Cotton+Steel rayon, it’s just so dreamy!

Taylor Pruitt

September 9, 2016 #

I think it’d be so cute and flirty! Add a petticoat and you’re golden ;).


September 9, 2016 #

Beautiful post! Was wondering what “other fabrics” might work for this one, thanks so much! Have some AG cotton ordered but now may have to think about a #2 :)

Taylor Pruitt

September 9, 2016 #

Excited to see what you end up with :). Definitely go for number two!


September 9, 2016 #

Taylor, I am so intrigued by the lace and silk idea–I had something like that in mind! Could it be done? What kind of silk? What kind of lace? Oh, the possibilities!! Would love to hear more of your thoughts on fabric choice, and thank you!

Taylor Pruitt

September 9, 2016 #

I know! I think it would take a lot of time and careful work, but it can definitely be done. I was imagining a lace overlay of some sort. Sarai sewed her bright pink/red on up in a silk. You should take a look at her blog post about it:


September 9, 2016 #

I’m looking forward to the sewalong. I have some fabric in my stash that will work well with this dress, so I am all set to go.


September 9, 2016 #

Elizabeth Taylor ?


September 9, 2016 #

Grace Kelly in the blue top and long flowered skirt! Rue would make a good maxi/evening dress done like that . . . and I know what fabric I’d use: Black cotton blouse-weight twill for the top and Gretchen Hirschberg has, or had this spring, a printed cotton twill of huge blue flowers (hibiscus?) on black. Blue piping to match the flowers, on the under-bust seams and neckline, and blue ballet flats. And blue-pearl earrings if I could find pearls in the same blue; otherwise plain small gold hoops and a gold bangle.
And I don’t need an evening dress!!!

Taylor Pruitt

September 9, 2016 #

Sounds like a dream!!! *heart eyes for days*