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Weekend Reading: Fashion week in art, sweater projects, and a “meowdel”


This morning, I was sipping coffee and absentmindedly gazing out my dining room window when I noticed the first tiny blossoms peeking out on the weeping cherry tree in my front yard.

There’s a name for this time of year here in Portland: February Fake-out. Somehow, as soon as we get a little sun and the first sign of daffodils, everyone really wants to believe that spring has come to stay. It’s not true.

Nevertheless, I’ve already got my spring and summer wardrobe plans well under way. I’m starting to put away all the lovely wool I didn’t have a chance to use and looking towards full skirts in cotton and silk, vintage 50s sundress patterns, and linen and chambray everywhere. What about you, thinking of spring sewing yet?

Hope you have a lovely weekend, here’s some good reading to take you through until then!

Weekend Reading:

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Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.


Francesca a

February 26, 2016 #

Great links! That cat… totally adorable. I usually hate seeing pets dressed up but she seems to love it:). Just hope they don’t stick on those false eyelashes…

I have unpicked and reknitted from my own handknits, but wouldn’t bother with bought stuff. I prefer to turn old bought sweaters into new ones by deconstructing them and resewing – I recently turned two old black holey cashmeres into one scoop neck with frill edge long sleeves:)


February 26, 2016 #

Thanks for sharing! I love that photo… And I sure am already thinking about spring/summer sewing, although here in Paris it’s still pretty cold! I just can’t help it I guess :)


February 26, 2016 #

Thanks for the reads and links to pics, this week and last week as well. I especially appreciate the links to Colette pattern makes – so creative! Love the color blocked Wren. The winter Beignet looks so cozy, I want to make one now. Seeing the fabric selections by other sewists really helps me to imagine the possibilities, and I appreciate the links as I don’t browse social media much…


February 29, 2016 #

Here in Toronto February fake-out is that day where the temps rise above 0 (celsius) and everyone rushes to sit on a patio, even if they’re still wearing their winter coats. :)


March 1, 2016 #

I enjoyed the article on the new modesty.
I am a 47 yr old Muslim woman who lives on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. I taught myself how to sew because it was extremely difficult as a teenager to find clothes for me especially as I also wear a hijab. I have developed my own style over the years wearing a loose caftan and elastic pants. I sew these as well as my own hijabs. Since I also do free style hand embroidery and bead work, I also do my own embellishments. It is easier to sew my own clothing. If I had to purchase hijabs, pants, slips and caftans, it would not only be expensive but I may not find them easily available in my country.
However, a lot of my sewing has been trial and error so I must note that I am grateful to your site especially the sewing tips. I have started to actually develop paper patterns for my caftans and pants. This has made it much easier for me to cut my clothing. And the quality of my sewing has improved through the use of French seams and Hong Kong finishes as well as bias binding and lace.
I had also never thought of layering clothing as I live in a tropical country. So it was only last year that I even considered using materials like chiffon and making entire hijabs out of lace.
My students always compliment me for being fashionable even though they only see my face and sometimes my hands up to my wrists ( i wear gloves most times).


March 11, 2016 #

Please stop snipping your links. I enjoy reading these, but I would like to know before I click where I am being redirected.