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How you’re using the planner

My living room is covered in craft supplies right now. My tiny sewing table is full of fabric, half-used spools of thread, and a giant pile of patterns. Since it’s almost Halloween, my in-progress costume is taking over the couch and all the bookshelves. I am in desperate need of organization, and I’ve found some answers by seeing and reading what all of you are doing with your planners so far!

I’m rounding up the official release of The Colette Sewing Planner with some of your ideas.

Erin’s cat-approved planner


“To be honest, I never organized before the planner. Is that crazy? When I needed fabric I would just bring the pattern envelope with me to the store for whatever I felt like making at that moment and then buy the required fabric and notions. At times I will get wild and buy fabric just because, with no purpose in mind.”

Erin planned out her polka dot Rumi tank in her planner, with a stamp of approval from her helpful kitty assistant, LeBron!

A sewing planner, for knitting!


Stefanie (with the help of Finch Sewing + Knitting Studio) is using her planner for knitting projects, too. She even knitted a little swatch!

Beth’s Organized Buttons


The organizational abilities of Beth from Sew DIY never cease to amaze me. She makes awesome patterns and runs an engaging blog to share her finished makes and helpful tutorials. While she usually organizes in Evernote on the computer, she gave her planner a spin for the visualization, and to keep as a “physical archive” of finished projects.

Lauren’s Reflections


Lauren works at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, so she probably experiences more fabric temptations than any of us. She needs to find time to reflect on the projects she’s made so she can remind herself of all her great skills and accomplishments, like sewing 4 pairs of jeans.

Have you started using your planner yet? What’s your favorite part about planning?


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October 27, 2016 #

Knitting projects too?!?! What a clever idea. GTG, I need to fill out more of my planner, stat! xoxo


October 27, 2016 #

Yeah, that little knitted swatch really makes me want to learn how to knit….such a good idea!


October 28, 2016 #

There is a wonderful knitting store in Portland! I also watch Knit Freedom videos when I’m stuck.


October 27, 2016 #

I find your explanation for the Rue dress debacle not that satisfying. How can it be that your business is drafting patterns and your processes for producing a premium priced pattern so poor? I will find it very difficult to purchase from your company again.


October 28, 2016 #

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me directly, Kate, and I really hope that the changes you see in our processes will also change your mind about our patterns to come!

Faith E

October 27, 2016 #

Just opened it up! Thinking about my goals for fall/winter. This is going to be a focused sewing season!


October 28, 2016 #

What’s interesting is that I haven’t actually started writing BUT it has started me thinking in a more holistic way about my wardrobe! What do I need? What do I find myself looking at in the shops (online and in person)? So just having the planner has had a psychological affect which I’ve found helpful :)


October 28, 2016 #

It only became available here in the uk on the 24th. I am ordering one for me and 2 as Christmas presents for my sister and my friend both who I’ve inspired to get sewing and now have both whizzed past me in confidence and ability :))


October 28, 2016 #

It’s inspiring to see more from the planner and especially how people are enjoying using it.