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Prepping For New Projects, Style Inspiration, & Fun Tutorials

rachel-screen-printingWow, can it really be October already?

Here at CPHQ we are focused on getting our office re-organized (photos to come). We are also  putting the finishing touches on two exciting new projects, including doing our own screen print labeling! Expect more hints as we go through the month, and a big reveal in mid-November.

Here are a few other things we’ve been thinking about this week:

Upcoming Events

Next week is Design Week Portland and our own graphic designer, Sheli, will be part of a free home brew label showcase. Other public events include:

See the full schedule here.

Style Inspiration


These slouchy menswear inspired pieces lead to my own vintage style inspiration for this week, silent film star Buster Keaton.


Here are a few other style finds from this week:

  • If you like Buster’s boots, check these out. Fleuvog makes them for both men and women.
  • Who says floral prints only work for spring? Make them darker, make them unconventional, and they’re perfect for fall.
  • I discovered Bait Footwear this week, and have fallen madly in love. I think they compliment the style of our patterns perfectly, don’t you?
  • Options for nude lipstick have come a long way.
  • Navabi lets you shop plus-size looks styled around your favorite style icon (such as Brigitte Bardot).

Get Crafty

There was no shortage of fun craft ideas in blogland this month:


What fun projects do you have planned for your weekend?

{Image Source 1, 2, 3}


Rachel Rasmussen

Rachel is a nerdy Oregon native with a philosophy degree and classical dance background. She fancies her personal style to be quirky sophistication, focusing on the importance of fit while adding special touches of handmade embellishments. She is also a connoisseur of whiskey and nap-taker extraordinaire.



October 4, 2013 #

I just love Buster Keaton! My curvy figure eliminates some of the leaner styles he might inspire, but I have loved fitted vests and men’s shoes since the eighties, when I made them a staple of my high-school wardrobe. Oh, and wide leg trousers… I haven’t had a pair of those in years! Thank you for the inspiration.
Oh, by the way, your first link for fall floral fabric (“darker”) leads back to this page. ;)


October 4, 2013 #

I love it! I’m definitely on a quest for the right wide leg trousers. (link fixed, thank you)


October 4, 2013 #

Oh I’m so excited to see what you all have up your sleeves!!
And I love Buster Keaton as the style inspiration. My friend texted me ‘its Mr. Keaton’s birthday, time to watch Sherlock Jr, and wear my baggy pants!’

Aside from school work, I’m going to finish a skirt I’ve had sitting around for the past month.


October 4, 2013 #

Holy smokes, I didn’t even realize it was his birthday today. That is too funny!

Lady ID

October 4, 2013 #

I like that waistcoat in the first image.

This weekend I want to say I will begin a skirt I promised my friend, and also finish a silk maxi skirt I began a few weeks ago but I am running from that silk. I have a busy weekend coming so we’ll see what happens.


October 4, 2013 #

I’m making a muslin for the The Little French Jacket Sew Along:

I hope I can keep up and go the distance!

I might also squeeze in a skirt or something if the mock-up goes quickly.

Xenia Kathryn

October 4, 2013 #

Great post, I really enjoyed the links here. Screenprinting? Can’t wait to see whats’ cooking.

Tonight I’m finishing a baby quilt, and then if there’s time this weekend I’m hoping to start on some autumn wardrobe projects (Anise and a cordoroy Rooibe especially).


October 4, 2013 #

I would make a 3/4 length sleeve jacket with a bit of a swing. Just in time for fall. The leftover material will become a beautiful dress for my pets. Desi the cat (my niece cat) & Chops my chihuahua. I want to take a picture overlooking beautiful Okanagan Lake in Britsh Columbia, Canada.