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Fall Palette Challenge: Your moodboards

Isn’t making moodboards fun? It’s such a neat experience to look for inspiring images knowing that you’re actually going to do something with them. So many times we get bogged down with inspiration and it leads us nowhere. But with these moodboards we’re all working together to create something unique. I think that’s awesome! Y’all have come up with some really great moodboards in the forum. I want to copy so many of those great color palettes! I’m going to stick with what I decided even though it’s pretty hard.

I had to choose a handful of boards to show, and it was hard because you bunch are so creative! Take a look at these boards our lovely readers have made, they’re full of creativity and great ideas. Be sure to take a look at all the great inspiration in the forum and post your own if you haven’t already.

Carlotta Stermaria


la petite chouette

michael ann

You can check out more and post your own in the forum!

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Caitlin Clark

Caitlin is the Colette Patterns design assistant. You can follow Caitlin at her blog, the story girl.



September 6, 2011 #

they are all beautiful and inspiring! i love the variety and that fall colors mean something different for everyone.

Carlotta Stermaria

September 6, 2011 #

My fall palette is on the Colette pattern blog! I’m all giddy with vanity! Ahem, maybe I should think of writing something on my own blog, now…

Michael Ann

September 6, 2011 #

Oh goodness gracious! Thank you so much for featuring my board! It has been so fun to see everyone elses inspiration, all the gorgeous colors have made me so excited for fall :)

Blanche Neige

September 7, 2011 #

Such georgous palette! And i saw in the forum that some people have already finished one piece!!! OMG, mine are lines on paper!!!


September 7, 2011 #

These are so beautiful! Really inspiring.
And so nice to see some new color palettes instead of the usual earthy fall ones…


September 7, 2011 #

These mood boards are stunning – as I said on my blog, I am scared of colour and am trying to introduce a little more into my basic wardrobe palette of black, grey, white and tan. Very inspirational :)

Ginnie Wise

September 8, 2011 #

I’m so thrilled you featured my moodboard! I’ve just returned from a short vacation and am looking forward to starting on my pieces. I’m getting even more inspired by everyone else’s inspirations!