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A Wren Dress + a Bonus Sleeve


Who: Taylor

Role: Graphic Designer

Pattern: The Wren Dress

Fabric: French Terry Knit from Bolt Fabrics

What was your original inspiration for this project? How did it come to be?

I was inspired by all the amazing Wrens that were getting sewn up out in the world. I also felt like it would fill a gap in my closet.

This was my first time working with a knit fabric. I knew I would have the opportunity to tackle a lot of skills like setting a sleeve, gathering with clear elastic, and hemming knits.

How do you plan to wear it?

Wren is a darling pattern and dress, but for my lifestyle it isn’t an everyday kind of dress. I see it as more of a special occasion dress that I know I will be super comfy in, but still look dressed up.

I used the Wren bonus sleeve to make this dress ideal for cooler weather.

What did you learn?

I learned that gathering with elastic can be tricky and definitely takes some patience. I can’t tell you how many times my boyfriend asked me what was wrong while sewing the skirt and bodice together, haha!

I also learned the virtues of using a needle specific to your fabric. As well as how to use a twin needle on my sewing machine.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of how quickly I sewed this cute little number up. I spent a Sunday working on it and am really happy with the outcome, especially with it being my first knit piece I’ve ever sewn.


Get the Sleeve

The Wren bonus sleeve is now included with all digital downloads of Wren.

If you purchase a printed copy of Wren or have purchased Wren in the past, just follow this link to grab your free PDF download.

Haley Glenn

Editorial Director

Five years ago, Haley left the apparel industry to join the world of home sewing. She has been empowering women to sew ever since – first through years of in-person teaching at Sew LA, and now through her writing at Colette. Haley writes tutorials and articles on our blog, teaches sewalongs, and writes and edits for our magazine, Seamwork.



February 18, 2016 #

I love this Wren! Beautiful luscious colour and french terry has become my favourite fabric. Inspiring!


February 18, 2016 #

Thank you for the bonus sleeve pattern! I just made my first knit garment, Linden sweatshirt, and I think I am ready to make this dress. This Wren that Taylor made looks beautiful!


February 18, 2016 #

I absolutely love the colour! It looks beautiful.


February 19, 2016 #

Thank you for posting this, I am always hesitant to buy/sew wrap dresses because I am very large busted and I feel like they draw too much attention. This just changed my mind. Gorgeous color.


February 19, 2016 #

Very impressed that this is your first knit project! Keep going; it’s wonderful.


February 19, 2016 #

Gorgeous red!! Perfect sleeve length. Looks lovely.


February 20, 2016 #

Very nice, and impressive for a first knit. Beautiful fabric choice and it looks lovely on you!