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Pattern of the Month: Moneta


I’m a little late hopping on this, but our Pattern of the Month is… Moneta!

I’m actually glad to be a little behind schedule, because I just discovered that Moneta is currently on the cover of Threads Magazine! Have you seen it? I actually had no idea.


Someone mentioned that the skirt looks very full on the cover. My guess is that there is some support beneath it, maybe a crinoline or something. What do you think? Looks rather crisp for a knit, but quite lovely.

By the way, one of the reasons we’re a little behind is that we’re planning some blog changes in the coming weeks, and I’m getting prepped and ready for that. Pretty fun and exciting, but also… WOW it’s a lot of work.

The blog is getting a completely updated look next month (fingers crossed), plus a new team member contributing, plus we’ll be posting more tutorials soon. I can’t wait.

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Sarai Mitnick


Sarai started Colette back in 2009. She believes the primary role of a business should be to help people. She loves good books, sewing with wool, her charming cats, working in her garden, and eating salsa.



March 11, 2015 #

The Moneta looks lovely! I love the fabric they chose for it.


March 11, 2015 #

Haley and I spotted that dress and thought it looked an awful lot like the Moneta, but since it looked so much like a woven we assumed it wasn’t- then we looked inside and there it was! Congrats on the cover… and your new team member :)


March 11, 2015 #

can’t wait for more Moneta goodies. :)


March 11, 2015 #

Congratulations on making the front cover. I’ve been admiring the moneta dress on several blogs just this week so this timing couldn’t be better :)


March 11, 2015 #

This pattern has been on my radar for too long. This is a great reminder that I should sit down and sew it up!


March 11, 2015 #

Huh. I’ve seen that cover a few times and didn’t notice either. It looks great though. Maybe I should make that version of the Moneta. I’ve got a great vintage pin that would look nice on the back part.


March 11, 2015 #

I loved how it looked and was delighted to see it was the Moneta, but I thought it was a woven! Great fabric and what a beautiful neckline, Sarai.


March 12, 2015 #

Congrats on the cover! The Moneta is an awesome piece. Looks simple but elegant. Keep it up Sarai!

Kathelle MacLeod

March 12, 2015 #

I think this should be my motivation to actually make it! I bought the pattern last year but indecisive me can’t decide on the fabric :p haha! The one on the magazine is beautiful! x

Katie Emma

March 12, 2015 #

I need to sew up a Moneta for my mom before she visits in May. It will be the third I make for her! She says it’s her favorite dress. I look forward to seeing some hacks and variations.

Vicky Gorry

March 12, 2015 #

Congratulations, it looks beautiful on the cover. I miss Threads – I read it when I lived in San Francisco, but back in England it’s harder to track down. I really should get a subscription. It always felt like a proper grown up sewing magazine – a lot of those available in England seem to be aimed at beginners. Looking forward to the new look for the blog.

Laura Lee

March 12, 2015 #

Beautiful dress on that cover and I am really excited to see your pattern front and center. It has so much versatility not only from fabric options but it just looks darn good on gals that are at size 12/14+. Congratulations!

Andrea Randall

March 12, 2015 #

I saw this in Threads. This is why I am ordering it.


March 12, 2015 #

I was so excited when brought and sewed up your pattern last year. When I wore it out and about some people told me I look like a beach ball in that dress….. the gathers around the skirt part made my middle look even bigger than what it was. Maybe the Laural dress will look a bit nicer on me.


March 12, 2015 #

Sorry you had that experience. I always go to a ready-made store and try on styles similar to what I want to sew before I buy a new style pattern. Keeps the failures to a minimum!


March 12, 2015 #

Congratulations Colette!


March 12, 2015 #

I have this pattern and I have fabric for it too. I just need to get to it…so I am thrilled that this is the pattern of the month. Congratulations on the Moneta being featured on the cover too.


March 12, 2015 #

I was so excited to see this dress on the cover of Threads! I am planning on making one soon.

Sue Parrott

March 12, 2015 #

Gosh, this dress is LOVELY! I ordered this pattern after seeing this on the cover of Threads! I love it!


March 12, 2015 #

I have made this pattern three times and I love it. In person the skirt is not as full as on the Threads cover. I think I need to try it in a bold print after seeing this version.


March 12, 2015 #

I loved this cover! And then when I read it was a Moneta I was so impressed. I am dying for this fabric! Are they going to send it to you?


March 13, 2015 #

I don’t think so, we didn’t really know anything about this. :) The inside of the magazine says the fabric is from Marcy Tilton and is a digital print knit, but I can’t seem to find it on their site.


March 13, 2015 #

I think Marcy Tilton gets a limited quantity of fabrics; she runs her fabric business like a boutique. And magazine work and samples are done so far in advance–as many as 6 months–of publication that it’s not surprising the fabric isn’t available from Marcy’s site anymore. It’s possible it might still be lurking out there somewhere, but it might be very hard to find. However, there are lots of other gorgeous printed knits in the sea/fabric stores.


March 13, 2015 #

Congratulations, but strange that they didn’t seek your permission before featuring your pattern! Shouldn’t you be compensated for that? Claiming that it is “free exposure” seems unfair.


March 13, 2015 #

Oh, I don’t think so. :) They bought the pattern, made the dress, etc, so they can do with it as they please, and I’m delighted! Just as I’m delighted to see other people’s creations on blogs!

Taylor G

March 14, 2015 #

Yay! Just bought my Moneta pattern! It’s been on my wish list for awhile, but I hadn’t purchased it yet. I’m pretty new to sewing (I can generally manage a straight line but haven’t mastered a smooth curve yet…), so I’m not quite ready to give it a try, but I know I want to make one once I’ve gotten a little more practice from some of the simple “pillowcase dresses” I’m making to donate and a couple home decor projects. My first item of clothing I’m planning to make for myself is Sorbetto–I’m feeling a little braver after reading the “DIY Anxiety” post, and I think I might go buy some fabric for that tonight!

Constance Jackson

March 15, 2015 #

I just made my first Moneta and I love it!!! I’m cutting another out today and making it maxi length.


March 17, 2015 #

Oooh! I would love skirts variations for this pattern! I am not a fan of gathers at my waist on my rectangular shape either…

Not another circle skirt, but maybe a faux wrap skirt, sarong style? But it might be too involved for a simple pattern hack… Maybe a new pattern! ;)
(inspiration : or CL0034746)


March 17, 2015 #

PS : In the Thread article, they mentioned using a crinoline and a fan to get that volume in the skirt…


March 18, 2015 #

So excited for Moneta pattern hacks!!