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  • A Wren Dress + a Bonus Sleeve

    Make Wren with a long or 3/4 length sleeve.

  • Moneta + Wren Lovechild

    A pattern mashup.

  • A Sprout Laurel + a Pug!!!

    Those who know me personally know that I love dogs, but I especially love pugs. I have never let my lack of actually owning a pug stop me from participating in local events for pug lovers such as the annual Pug Parade or the Pugentines Party (for Valentine’s Day). I’ve also been known to make …

  • What We Made: Volume 6

    This month is all about tried and true patterns.

  • What We Made Volume 5

    From a tailored jacket to comfy pants and a swingy top, see some of our new winter makes around Colette HQ.

  • Our Phoebes: Part Two

    One of the best things about Phoebe is its versatility. This dress looks just as fabulous styled with some great shoes for Spring, as it does with sweaters and tights for Winter. Today we are sharing three amazing versions of Phoebe, perfect for warmer weather. WALLIS What alterations did you make to your Phoebe to …

  • Our Phoebes: Part One

    I knew we had a good thing going when every single person (save Kenn, sadly Phoebe just isn’t his style) on the Colette team was planning their Phoebe half way through the production process. I was immediately struck by how different each plan was. I rallied the ladies together and proposed we document the process …

  • Free Pattern Hack: Dahlia with an Articulated Shoulder Seam

    Sometimes the best hack is the simplest one. Dahlia is such a classic dress, it is hard to add to it without creating something that is too fussy. For this month’s pattern hack we decided to do something a bit different. Instead of showing you how to create a yoke, or change the silhouette of …

  • Wren Faire Winners

    Wren Faire has come to an end. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your projects. You all have such great tips for sewing with knits, and seeing the first round of finished dresses is inspiring. Now, here are the winners! $50 gift certificate to Harts Fabrics Harts is an amazing fabric store located …

  • What We Made Volume 4

    What we made around the studio this October.

  • Va-va-voom! The Wren bonus sleeve (available until Tuesday)

    Making up the Wren with long sleeves in a luxurious wool jersey.

  • Announcing Wren Faire: Win Fabric & More!

    We have been overwhelmed by all the love for Wren over the past few days. A few of us here at Colette headquarters are stitching up Wren over the weekend, but we are most excited to see your Wrens. The creativity of the sewing community never disappoints. In celebration of Wren and all you awesome …

  • What We Made Vol. 3

    Here are some of the projects we’ve been working on in the last month here at CPHQ. Haley’s Lacy Bra Who: Haley Role: Managing Editor Pattern: Shelley Bra by Pin Up Girls Fabric: A lingerie kit from Blackbird Fabric, plus underwires, additional power mesh, and cup lining from Bra Makers Supply What was your original …

  • Free pattern hack: The Oslo Sweater Coat

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Oslo is an office favorite. I mean really, what’s not to love? A cardigan the looks stylish but feels like the coziest robe, it is hard to improve on. But Sarai, being the clever lady that she is, came up with this hack almost by accident …

  • What We Made Vol. 2

    See what we whipped up (and lessons learned) this August.

  • Free Pattern Hack: Ginger with Shaped Patch Pockets

    As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to a close here in the Northern Hemisphere. You can’t visit the supermarket without seeing pumpkins and cinnamon scented pinecones, reminding you of impending Autumn days. It all seems to soon! As I sit here writing this post, the AC is going and I …

  • What We Made, Vol. 1

    A floral Laurel and an Aster for all seasons

  • Creating a Block Print Lily + 5 Tips & Tricks

    Printing your own fabric is incredibly easy with wooden blocks. Here are a few lessons learned.

  • Free Pattern Hack: The Florence Slip

    When I lived in L.A. I had a drawer full of vintage slips and nighties. These were all items I had picked up from thrift store over the years. These items were exclusively from the 1950’s onward. This meant that while they were pretty, they were synthetic. When I made the move from Los Angeles …

  • Free Pattern Hack: Shaped Hem Mabel

    I love a good chameleon garment. Take your favorite pair of jeans for instance, no matter your mood, you rarely feel out of place wearing them. Mabel is one of those pieces. Made up in a grey french terry and worn with your favorite t-shirt it is perfect for a lazy Sunday, or worn with …

  • Free Pattern Hack: The Peony with a Shoulder Yoke

    The Peony Dress is one of those styles I never seem to tire of. I adore the figure flattering simplicity of a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. If you look through my closet you will find a fair amount of my wardrobe consists of this style silhouette. For this exact reason I am constantly …